The Travels of Tug Buffalo

We've brought The Buffalo back to life!

In 1923, The Buffalo started her life as a steam engine. Her first 25 years were spent as a maintenance tug on the NY canal system, after which she was sold to a private company. She now holds a 1931 Cooper-Bessemer engine and is starting her historic journey back to Buffalo - bringing "The Buffalo" back to Buffalo! If you're interested in learning more about this historic moment, reach out to Lardon Construction Corporation today at 716-822-4642.

What makes The Buffalo stand out?

The Buffalo has gone through her fair share of hard times on the water in Buffalo, NY. She's always powered through, though! Many aspects stand out about The Buffalo. These include:

  • No controls in the wheelhouse other than the wheel itself
  • A reversing diesel engine with no clutch or transmission
  • Gorgeous white and red colors on her exterior

The Buffalo is here to stay and bring us even more joyous moments on the water. Contact us today to find out more about The Buffalo and her journey.