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50 Years of Experience and Dedication

1920 -1940

As with most success stories, this story began with a dream and the passion to bring it to fruition. Edwin Palmer knew construction. His father and older brother had been building for several years before Edwin joined forces with them. Brick, masonry, and fine plaster work were Edwin's specialty, but he soon learned and taught all aspects of construction. Times were tough for the Palmer family after losing their first home during the Great Depression. Amidst the hardship, Edwin built his young bride, Edith, a home out of the three-car garage they purchased after years of scrimping. To this day, Edith Palmer still resides in that family home.

1940 -1970

Two of Edwin Palmer's six children were sons. They learned at a young age how to handle themselves on a construction site, doing finish and rough carpentry, as well as learning to work with brick, block, and plaster. As the years passed, Edwin took over the family business with his eldest son, Donald, by his side. The youngest Palmer son, Larrie, joined his father and brother after a tour of duty in the United States Navy. The trio spent time on the road, working wherever the jobs could be found. They did work from Buffalo, NY all the way to Montoursville, PA, driving home on weekends to be with their families. In time, Edwin decided to pass the business over to his sons. Combining their efforts and their names, the "Lardon Construction Corporation" (LCC)established by LARrie and DONald Palmer in 1966. Thus began years of general contracting. The pair built many structures, but specialized in building churches in Western New York.

1970 - Present Day

As the business and Palmer families grew, Larrie's three sons could often be found working alongside their father and uncle at various LCC job sites. In the 1980's Donald retired, leaving LCC in the capable hands of Larrie and his three sons, Jonathan, Mark, and Andrew. Since it's inception as an incorporated business, Lardon Construction Corporation has built structures ranging in cost from 10,000 dollars to 1.2 million dollars. In 1992, Lardon developed a new division within the corporation for dealing solely with the grinding, hauling, and selling by-products of wood (i.e. mulch, bio-fuel, and woodchips). Since then, Lardon has delivered quality wood products throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York State. In 2002, due to an increase in production needs, Lardon completed its transformation from a general contracting company to a wood by-products manufacturing company. With that transformation, Lardon has become one of the largest distributors of wood by-products in Western New York, producing over 150,000 yards of material in 2006.

50 Years

Lardon Construction Corporation celebrated it's 50th anniversary in 2016. In recent years, Lardon has gone beyond mulch and wood by products for LCC to now owning and developing six additional companies.

Licensed in New York State